I Don’t Even Know Anymore

Today is Monday. 

I don’t even know anymore.

I just realized that the window through which I’m looking at the sky, and through which I have been analyzing the sky for the past two months or so, is dirty. How blue is the sky? I simply don’t know. 

It looks blue as shit. Like, so fucking blue. But is it really, or is the grime fracturing the light in a such a way that gives it its apparent hue? And every time I compared the sky to something for reference— my cereal bowl, or Gatorade, for instance— how much was the sky’s tint altered by the glass?

I want to say the sky is very blue. But I’m afraid to.

Naturally Faded Blue Jeans

Today is Tuesday. The sky is the color of naturally-faded blue jeans. By that I mean blue jeans that came regular blue and through regular use became lighter. That’s the color. 

I guess it isn’t necessary for me to say “blue jeans,” since this blog is called “How Blue is the Sky?” What other color of jeans would I be talking about? I should just let “jeans” mean “blue jeans” by default.